Maintaining your SLA (Backlog Prevention and Reduction)

A talk by Ty Givens
CEO, The Workforce Pro

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About this talk

Are backlogs preventable? The short answer is sometimes, but what matters most is seeing it before it happens, knowing what you'll do when it occurs and obviously, getting out of it.

Our busy season is the top of the calendar year, because it's following the holidays and the infamous holiday backlog. Most of our clients come to us with a days or weeks long wait time and by the time we're done, they're answering in real time.

You're probably thinking we just hire more people. But that's not the answer, Most times, the issue is related to process, tech, poor commumcation or poor planning.

Let's talk about preventing, eradicating and getting through a backlog.

Most companies fire before they're ready with no aim... not you. Not anymore!

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